he best cleaning company in the UAE

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he best cleaning company in the UAE

from mahmoudnader on 09/11/2021 01:44 PM

alraghad Company provides the best cleaning services in all places, such as schools, hospitals, places of worship. With the latest equipment and fixtures, in addition to manual cleaning, we clean panels and bathrooms. Moreover, it is one of the best companies specialized in cleaning residential buildings and towers, because it has great capabilities that qualify it to do this work. We have the latest machinery and equipment that helps us in carrying out the comprehensive cleaning process, and we also have very large work teams consisting of very large numbers of workers and thousands and specialists who are fully aware of the best cleaning methods, all our workers are trained and have the best training courses.


She has extensive experience in the field of general cleaning and provides the best cleaning service in the UAE.
Factories must be clean and free of any dirt, especially if they are food factories, so they must be completely clean so that no microbes or viruses that cause diseases are transmitted to the products. Then it affects the quality of the product.

We have a dedicated factory cleaning team trained to clean manufacturing machines, workplaces and all parts of the factory. Offering many great offers and discounts.

abu dhabi AlRaghad Cleaning Company works to clean all parts of the house, villa, school or factory where we have specialists in our team to clean each part separately, and each group of employees is responsible for cleaning the part assigned to them in order to ensure the highest level of cleanliness, speed and achievement in work.Specialization It was and still is the most important factor in the success of our company.

In the same context, we work on comprehensive cleaning as well as complete sterilization of all parts of the hospital with the strongest detergents and disinfectants that eliminate microbes. Then we do a comprehensive cleaning of the mosque and wash the lidrans and floors, we also clean and sterilize bathrooms and ablution places, and we wash carpets and rugs, and we clean minarets and courtyards of the mosque

Dubai cleaning company has the ability to clean stores, warehouses and stores through its distinguished team that provides the best cleaning service. Because the lack of periodic cleaning of the stores leads to the emergence of many types of insects, which in turn multiply in very large numbers in a short time and is difficult to control. In a cleaning service The apartments clean all the furniture to be cleaned and keep it from discoloration and stains and all rooms in the apartment.

We also clean and sterilize the bathrooms and kitchens in the apartment. All specialized residential, commercial and industrial cleaning services. Provide comprehensive and complete services, regarding the task of cleaning air conditioners from maintenance, dismantling, installation and inspection

Acleaning Company in shariah Al Raghad provides the best services for cleaning offices - cleaning the draysh - cleaning marble - transparent tiles - polishing ceramics)

(Cleaning rugs and carpets - cleaning panels and sofas - cleaning and landscaping - cleaning swimming pools - cleaning bathrooms and kitchens - cleaning tanks)..It also has a very large team that works in cleaning villas and includes a very large number of trained workers specialized in cleaning, where we divide our team into Small teams, each group specializes in cleaning the part of it, whether cleaning the facades of villas or gardens or washing carpets and rugs, thus ensuring quality and speed

Provide a comprehensive cleaning service for the school where we clean classrooms and also clean gardens, refining trees, cleaning yards and playgrounds. And cleaning bathrooms, where we have workers who specialize in cleaning and sterilizing bathrooms, because they are the most common places where microbes are spread.

Our company provides the most important cleaning services for curtains and upholstery
Stain, dye, acid, flash, paint, paint, cement, grease and grout
Sterilization and disinfection of the house against viruses. Facade cleaning service for homes, villas, shops and residences.
Cleaning marble, ceramic and tile floors
Clean the walls from dust and old drawings
Cleaning stone and glass facades


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